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Share offer coming: 25 November 2021

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As well as benefiting the community, investing in the Stokes Croft Land Trust will offer members excellent interest rates. 

Currently, the Stokes Croft Land Trust is looking for community investment to facilitate the purchase of 17-25 Jamaica Street and maintain this building as a hub of community activity.

The building is currently owned by investors who wish to sell the property to the SCLT, who will purchase the building through individual members buying shares in it.

Shares can be bought for any amount between a few pounds to hundreds. These shares can then garner an estimated 3% interest, with regular reviews for the community board to monitor maintenance and inflation to update the figure.

Anyone over 16 is eligible to become a shareholder in the SCLT. Shares are purchased from the Land Trust in exchange for an original piece of artwork or Stokes Croft Memorabilia. If a member wishes to withdraw their membership, they can sell it back to the SCLT. As with all investments, there is a risk that shares will lose some or all of their value. Shares cannot be sold to other people, which prevents their value fluctuating.

Democratic Representation

In big businesses, an individuals power within an organisation corresponds to the amount they have invested. In contrast, community shares are a democratic form of ownership where one member has one vote, regardless of their economic contribution.
Members of the SCLT will elect a board of directors, and there will be an annual meeting to discuss the SCLT’s assets.