Welcome to Stokes Croft Land Trust

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Stokes Croft is one of the most independent and iconic areas of Bristol. Now it is time to secure the future of our community’s land… for the community. 

Community Land Trusts:

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) and similar cooperative structures like this are are grass roots organisations tackling local land injustices. They are a fair and transparent way of grappling control of houses, shops, industrial land and public spaces away from the forces of gentrification. Giving local groups ownership, a say and rights to the benefits of what goes on in our neighbourhood. 

The first ones emerged from the Civil Rights Movement in the USA during the 1970’s, and the idea has now spread round the world.  England now has a Community Land Trust for every day of the year.

Over the last twenty years, the work of local artists, activists, performers and community organisations has transformed Stokes Croft from a from a run-down city fringe neighbourhood in the 1980’s to the vibrant Bristol cultural quarter that it is today. Along the way, a lot of social and cultural capital has been created. Since much of the financial value associated with this has now turned into substantial rises in local property prices, the Croft is right in the cross hairs of the gentrifiers and land speculators.  To counter this big steal of value from our community, members of Stokes Croft LT are building an organisation that can acquire and steward land and buildings in Stokes Croft in perpetuity on behalf of local people. This will enable local land and buildings to be removed from the market and ensure that some of the value that has been created locally stays local and continues to provide benefits for local people over the long term.

Join us to be part of a truly collective and democratic movement fighting for the future of Bristol.