The Building: 17-25 Jamaica Street

Currently, the SCLT is seeking community investment to facilitate the purchase of 17-25 Jamaica Street & 14 Hillgrove Street, in order to maintain this building as a hub of community activity.

This share offer will allow the Stokes Croft Land Trust to purchase the freehold tenure of its first building – PRSC HQ – and thereafter, to plan a longer-term programme of improvements to the building in partnership with the current tenant, People’s Republic of Stokes Croft. PRSC will continue to occupy and develop the building’s space and facilities for its range of cultural, artistic and campaigning activities and events.

In the longer term, the Stokes Croft Land Trust plans to negotiate stewardship of all the buildings that PRSC now uses or has an interest in, and intends to convey the buildings and property into the Stokes Croft Land Trust ownership, subject to feasibility and viability assessments at the appropriate time. 

The Stokes Croft Land Trust is also aware of other opportunities to acquire premises within the Stokes Croft Conservation Area, which are not occupied by PRSC, and has already engaged with some local business owners whose premises could be secured into community ownership should they proceed to sell them.

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