Minimum target reached! [Fundsurfer update]

We’ve got big news… We have reached our minimum target!

This is down to you, for your belief and your action which have helped us gain a significant social investment from Booster Fund managed by Co-operatives UK. With over 330 investors now amassed, we are energised to go for the maximum target of £345,000 by Tuesday 31st May 2022.

Please shout about this as loud as you can:

  • Share it on your social channels.
  • Tell your friends and family networks.
  • See if your workplace can make a charitable donation.
  • See if you can make another investment.

If you would like to stay up to date with our progress, please follow/ like us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any other questions, email

Many thanks, 

Keith Cowling
Stokes Croft Land Trust, Director