We exchanged contracts on Friday, so the sale is now legally binding, and will be completed within the next two weeks.
This is the first piece of Stokes Croft that we’ve put in community ownership through the Stokes Croft Land Trust!
THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!!
To our 400 members who invested their money, their trust and their hopes in this purchase, to Chris Chalkley and the other truly Angel investors who planted the seeds and nurtured the vision of the Land Trust, and did so much to support this transfer to the community, to the PRSC who bring this wonderful building to life, to the Board who have volunteered hundreds of hours to bring this purchase to completion, and thank you to everyone else who supported and believed in our vision.
We couldn’t have done it without this enormous, amazing community who love Stokes Croft and believe in the power of community.
This is a huge moment for us, and for Stokes Croft. With this building secured, we’re now making our dream a reality: pushing back against the threat of gentrification and corporate takeover of the area, and nurturing the diverse, cultural, rebellious, independent, creative, wonderful place of Stokes Croft.
This is just the beginning!