PRESS RELEASE: Stokes Croft Land Trust to Launch Community Share Offer with Evening of Music and Talks

  • Stokes Croft Land Trust (SCLT) will be launching their first ever Community Share Offer on 25th November
  • The event, held at People’s Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC) Space, kicks off the opening of the history of PRSC exhibition 
  • Immigrant Jam, part of the Immigrant Swing family, will be performing with Keith Cowling delivering a talk about the Land Trust’s ambitions for the city
  • Entry is free with more information at

Today, Wednesday 17th November 2021, Stokes Croft Land Trust (SCLT) has announced a series of events kicking off with an evening of music and talks on Thursday 25th November at the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC) Space in Stokes Croft. The evening heralds the launch of its first ever Community Share Offer to purchase 17 -25 Jamaica Street and 14 Hillgrove Street to transfer the building into community ownership. The event also sees the start of an exhibition exploring land justice, community ownership and the ongoing fight against gentrification. Anyone interested in supporting the Land Trust and finding out more about community assets and community ownership is invited to come along. 

The Land Trust aims to raise a minimum of £272,000 via the Fundsurfer crowdfunding platform in community shares on which they aim to deliver a return of up to 3% per annum (capital is at risk). The funds will be used to transfer the current PRSC HQ building in the heart of Stokes Croft into community ownership as an alternative form of land ownership with long term value for the city. The decision for investment and acquisition comes off the back of the growing trend for gentrification and absorption of vital and iconic community buildings into the hands of property developers such as Carriageworks. The Land Trust is ambitious in their vision to acquire a number of properties for community ownership to protect and preserve key city features, the communities within and social value for current and future generations of Bristolians.

Launching on 25th November with a vibrant event at The PRSC Space, will see a performance from local band Immigrant Jam, from the Immigrant Swing family of high energy, foot stomping, global fusion. Keith Cowling, SCLT board member, will deliver an insightful, punchy talk about why the Land Trust is conducting a community share offer, the importance of transferring vital, local buildings into community ownership to avoid ubiquitous property development, for the benefit of everyone who lives and interacts with the city. The launch also marks the opening of a city-focused exhibition providing a spotlight on PRSC’s history, Stokes Croft battles that have been won and lost, Community Wealth Building information as well as an area to find out more about the share offer and opportunities to back on the spot.

Commenting on the community share offer, board member Keith Cowling said:

“Now is the right time for us to act. Land and buildings are being rapidly consumed by the private sector to maintain the churn of property development and this is at the expense of the broader community, often pushing the people that we serve out on the periphery. Bristol has a unique history, a fantastic community spirit and an attitude to doing things differently. That’s why we believe our community share offer presents an opportunity to support what our city is all about. We’ve structured it so that all Bristolians and those beyond our city with an interest in city-based community ownerships can get involved and invest. Come and join us on 25th November to find out more.”

Local Co-operative & Social Enterprise development worker, Hilary Sudbury said:

“Many great initiatives in Bristol and the wider West of England area have raised the capital via community shares to buy community assets and manage them collectively, from pubs and music venues to ferries, bookshops, piers, supporters clubs and renewable energy.”

To find out more about the Stokes Croft Land Trust community share offer, subscribe directly to their mailing list here or attend the event and enjoy an evening of good music and conviviality. 

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