Can you help us reach more local people and businesses? [Fundsurfer update]

Thank you for supporting the Stokes Croft Land Trust’s community share offer campaign. We are close to reaching yet another milestone, with almost £150,000 invested of our £272,000 minimum target and we have around 150 investors so far. 

Below, we have dedicated a special thank you video to everyone who has made this possible so far. 

We want to make sure that we hit our targets before our deadline of Monday 28th February 2022 and to ensure this becomes a reality, we need your help further! 

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and register your interest on our website to hear regular updates from the campaign. Share the Fundsurfer page with your friends, colleagues and networks far and wide so that our message reaches as many people as possible. 

If you have any questions about other methods of getting involved, please contact 

Together, we can create a new model for the ownership of land and buildings as our part of making a better future for our city. 

Many thanks,

Keith Cowling
Stokes Croft Land Trust, Director